What to expect


Home Inspection Service, Roof Inspections, Radon Testing, Water Testing, Electrical & Plumbing Inspections

At the inspection, we typically start with inspecting the roof, chimneys, skylights, roof and chimney flashing, gutters & downspouts. Then we move onto the exterior: surface drainage, walks/driveway, steps/stairs, windows and doors, window & door flashing, siding, soffit/fascia/trim, decks, porches, sunrooms, exterior electrical light fixtures, electrical entrance cable/meter box, exterior foundation and grade. We then move to the interior where we report on the conditions of the kitchen appliances, electrical outlets/fixtures, plumbing supplies/drains, cabinets/countertops, windows/doors, flooring/walls/ceilings.

Next, we move to the basement where we take the electrical main panel box cover off to verity there are not safety issues inside the electrical panel box and sub-panel boxes; and verify proper grounding/bonding. We test electrical outlets and fixtures throughout homes for correct polarity and safety. In older homes, we check all outdated wiring and connections for safety.

Now, we inspect the entire heating and cooling systems. We provide instructions on necessary filter changes and/or required maintenance needed.. It is also crucial to be sure certain appliances do not share the same chimney flues with different combustion fuels (i.e.: woodstove and oil boiler improperly sharing the same flue)

GRW checks the water main entrance pipe, water pressure and supply. If the water is public, we test/check the entrance pipe, water meter and main water shut-off valve. We then inspect all bathrooms: the fixtures; sink, toilet, bathtubs, stall showers, whirlpool tubs, bathroom exhaust fans (need to be vented properly), flooring, lighting, electrical outlets (GFCI protected or not), windows and doors.

The attic is inspected to check proper insulation, ventilation, structure (framing), then the rest of the interior is checked: we test the electrical outlets, light fixtures/switches, windows (to be sure are operational) and doors, ceilings/walls/flooring and stairs.

An additional bonus of a GRW Inspection report is the 96 page Energy Savings, and Maintenance book we include. We offer suggestions on how to get better performance out of the home by saving energy! There are so many areas around a home where energy can be saved by eliminating heat loss – we like to identify these areas and make suggestions on how to improve the homes efficiency!

Trust your home inspection ….. to GRW!